Monday, August 29, 2011


Congratulations to our winners of the 2k giveaway celebration! Please contact the sponsor to claim your prize!

Denim and Dirt - Konni Fink

3 Months of WMW blog as space - Niki Lavin

Dar'Lynn Boutique - Jenn Atchison

Hook, Skein and Blankey - Michelle Herman

Neo-Notions - Christina Cardwell

Lily Baby - Sarah Rambeaut

Red Barn Cloth Diapers - Hillary Wenrich

Hooty Cutie Boutique - Jessi Timmermans

Guavas and Bananas - Kristin Burr

Livin' Sew Green - Stephanie Jacobson

Meen Bean Made - Katy Handel

Iwancio Design - Saskia Stallings

Button Scraps - Jennifer Bleiler

HHH Mama Boutique flower clip - Christine Spence

Wasabi Mommi Works (Bee Buddy) - Aimee Fogler

Silver Lining Reflections - Valarie Smith

Laughing Hair Boutique (back to school bow) - Christine Spence

Baby Elle Boutique - Aimee Fogler

OC Wraps - Desiree Spence

Laughing Hair Boutique (girly bow) - Katey Handel

Comfybuns Customs (test drive) - Angie Coleman

Hot pink nail polish - Kimberly Guimond

Pooky Packs - Konni Fink

Whimsy Design - Hannah Anderson

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