Saturday, August 20, 2011

Diapeze Review!

A few months back I was lucky enough to win $15 credit from in a giveaway on Facebook. My family and I were in a financial pinch and I was fortunate enough to land a trade deal with Kristin. I traded one WMW starter stash to make up the difference in price for my first Diapeze stash. Kristin takes awesome care in her work. Her sewing is amazing and the quality of here diapeze are impressive.

We negotiated our trade and I had my order placed! I was so excited to get my diapeze in the coming weeks. I would like to take a moment to touch on this, since it seems a controversial subject right now. As a fellow wahm, I put my family first. I have gotten so swamped with orders before that I had to take a step back and reassess how I was going to manage my business. Sometimes, when customers hear that an order will take one, two, three or even four weeks to complete, they become aggravated and miffed. We are mothers first and Wahm's second. Like myself, kristin and many other wahms out there, we spend many sleepless nights cutting, sewing and packaging orders. I am grateful for the time she took out of her busy schedule to complete our trade, and I hope that you will consider this when ordering a custom item from a wahm in the future.

Continuing on...I have not been cloth diapering long. I obtained my first cloth diapers used and have slowly been able to collect some new diaps along the way. I have used fitteds, prefolds, pockets, AIOs and systems like Gdiapers. I finally settled on AIO/AI2s and pockets since they are so easy to use. I was thrilled to have these made to order because Diapeze has an amazing fabric selection. I chose retro cowboys and sock monkeys for my diapers. I opted for OS so that they could fit both of my munchkins. To my surprise, on the largest setting, these diapers fit my 37 lb daughter! They also perfectly fit my 17 lb son. I love the wide range of adjustments without too many overwhelming snaps!

The inserts slide under two lips on the inside of the diaper. I like this concept better than pockets because they are easier to assemble. My diapers came with one insert each but easily can accommodate more for even more absorbency. I have found myself doing this since my kids are heavy wetters. Diapeze also has a more absorbent insert called Nighteze though, I have not had the chance to test these out yet.

Over all I would say these diapers ROCK! If you are considering buying from Diapeze, I highly recommend it. The diapers I have are super cute, durable, well made and easy to use. Kristin takes great pride in her products and it shows! They are definitely worth the wait. I am looking forward to getting my Traineze so we can really start potty training my daughter in cloth!

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(My DS at 6 months in his cowboy Diapeze)

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