Monday, August 22, 2011

A good mail day...

Some days I get nothing, some days I get bills, some days I get junk...but some days I get awesome mail! Today I got: A free nail polish from Cosmopolitan ( I will be offering this wildly colorful nail polish in my 2,000 fan giveaway celebration), and my order from Zipit!

Let me just say, I am impressed how fast Zipit processed and shipped my order. I ordered on the 19th and even though there was a weekend in between, I got it only 3 days later!

She also included a zipper pull and an interesting little fortune telling fish baggie. Finally I have 4 inch zippers so I can get to making some wallets and change purses! Yay! I was having such a hard time finding reasonably priced zippers in the sizes I wanted. I will definitely be buying from Zipit again!

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