Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday we experienced a historic event here in VA! There was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake and a few aftershocks. There is no damage to my house but some local structures were not so fortunate. A few buildings have been condemned, broken glass, cracked bricks and sidewalks. There were even a few apartment building walls which fell on parked cars, destroying them! Phone lines were jammed for hours.

Although, I have experienced a smaller quake in 1997 which was a 2.6 magnitude. It was nothing in comparison to this! It didn't occur to me until well after the quake when I heard the first train horn. I was very worried about track damage seeing as my entire house was shaking for over 30 seconds! But, luckily there was not any damage and they ran the trains slow for the rest of the day.

When it happened my first thought was 'WOW, I am dizzy!'..then 'train!'..then 'wind?' and then I finally realized we were having an earthquake! I had enough time to get up and walk around while freaking out! I couldn't believe just doesn't happen here. The earth made the most amazing and terrifying rumbling noise! I am so happy to have experienced this quake with no damage. It was a truly amazing and humbling experience.

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