Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simply Yours by Schryll - BINGO!

To Play: You have 10 minutes to post your word below. It must be five letters with no repeating letters and no duplicate words. You must visit the sponsors page on FB and thank them for sponsoring bingo with The Trading Post AND become their fan.

The prize: adjustable ring made from buttons!

This will be the first time we play here and not on FB so please be patient with me! I am trying out new ways to avoid FB from getting upset because of the ridiculous rules.


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  2. Shine

    (deleted my other comment due to repeating letters - sorry! I'm failing at multi tasking right now lol)

  3. Please remember, I am checking to make sure you are thanking the sponsor! Please follow the link in this post to fan and thank them for this great prize! <3

  4. ok something tells me this is not working LOL

  5. Maybe we can try another type of game that is not so fast paced so it is more blog friendly? We could do I spy?